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Can the old school harness and sit down method catch big sharks

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As an older shark fishermen I  choose to sit in the sand with a shoulder harness on to fight big sharks. Some have argued 

against it but I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I see videos of 150 pound teenagers fighting sharks with standup gear and they have to

beheld by the belt and have to have other fishermen helping them hold the rod upright that to me is a cop out a real fishermen wants to fight a

shark without anyone touching the rod as per IGFA Rules for World Records.

Often  times in these videos you see teenagers or older folks  being pulled forward into the surf and often losing there balance and falling in the

sand there legs wobbly from trying to keep there balance. I'm all for the sit down harness style fight and I think its a matter of choice.

What do you guys think?     Watch the video below


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Topic starter Posted : 11/05/2022 2:07 pm