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Popular Drones and RC Boats for Land Based Shark Fishing

Land based shark fishing has been gaining popularity in the last 15 years since social media and the internet made the sport much more accessible around the globe. People in coastal areas around the world where sharks frequent were exposed to shark fishing websites and youtube videos wanted to practice the sport had to figure a way to get there baits out to where the sharks swim. Not everyone that wanted to catch sharks from shore has the physical ability or courage to jump on a kayak to deploy baits which has become the standard practice in the sport so other methods have been invented to make make bait deployment an easier task . Some were lucky enough to float a bait out in the current from a pier ,bridge or jetty but those wanting to fish the beach with bigger baits that could not be casted had to figure out a way to deploy the baits.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and it holds true for beach bait deployment . Th Radio remote control boats are not a new invention but today they have become more popular and better than ever. They range in price from around $700 upwards of $2500 plus for the better sturdier models. Other fishermen prefer to use drones for bait deployment and they range in price from around $500  to several thousand for the more advanced waterproof models.

These two models of drones and two of  RC boats are the most popular at this time .