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[Sticky] The Florida Shark Club-Jacksonville Florida (1980's)

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One of the strongest shark clubs of years past was the Florida Shark Club.Jacksonville pier and Jackie Reasor catching his 703 lb world record Hammerhead from it are part of that history.We used to correspond with the Florida shark club on a monthly basis.Here are the collection of those newsletters from those bygone days.

Blackie Reasor with his 1975 world record Hammerhead shark 14 feet 4 inches long -703 lbs it beat the old world record in 1975 by almost 300 lbs.

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Topic starter Posted : 02/16/2010 11:34 am
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Me and my younger brother were on the news that day they caught the big great white and hammerhead. Ch. 4 I think. I need help I was taken off jax Naval base by strangers.
Jason Jeremiah Masterson Wade Cunningham

Posted : 04/11/2022 3:56 am