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2016- Protecting Shark Fishing Rights in Martin County Fl

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On the eve of the 2016 Blacktip Challenge Shark Tournament Martin County commissioners are enacting new anti land based shark fishing regulations. Time to fight for our rights once again. ... s/37931208

I disagree with "I don't condone or support these tournaments" because these tournaments are part of our history and I for one would hate to see us turn scared because of the unfounded publics fear of sharks, or overzealous commissioners pushing there weight around. We have our rights as free Americans to conduct fishing tournaments regardless of what we are fishing for;the era of Jaws passed 30 years ago.A shark is just another important species that inhabit our coastal beaches and we need to accept there presence there without fear and a public outcry about endangerment.We ALL need to get involved!! Melinda Colon has been very involved around the state getting our rights respected and even getting some of these No Shark Fishing Bans overturned by the courts.Lets all support her efforts and support each other regardless of gender race or creed. I have attended some of these city commission meetings in the past and have joined Zach in protesting such proposed bans.I don't support the changes that Josh Jorgensen has implemented in his Blacktip Challenge Shark Tournament and for personal reasons i don't fish it anymore but I will support Josh to get his and his anglers shark fishing rights protected .Thank you Zach Miller,thank you Melinda Colon and thanks to all others who REALLY GET INVOLVED.

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Topic starter Posted : 02/11/2016 1:57 pm
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Thank You Will! I do not think people realize the impact they have on these local cities and counties. There is strength in numbers. I watched as Ft. Lauderdale went from trying to ban shark fishing to changing their mind and saying that they believe that shark fishing is not a problem and that it is a part of the city. All because dozens of fishermen showed up and spoke their mind.

I think it's funny how so many people love to fish palm beach, hobe sound, and jupiter and yet no one showed up to defend their right to fish. As a result, the county banned shark fishing on COUNTY OWNED property (such as causeways and above the mean high tide mark) during the day. As a result, I had to serve the county with a legal demand and possibly take them to court. I truly believe this could have been avoided if those who fish the area would have stood up for their rights.

I must also agree with you 100% regarding tournaments. Tournaments are not the problem. I am so sick and tired of hearing people make these ridiculous comments about how tournaments are bringing more people to the sport and bringing attention to shark fishing. So what if we bring attention to our sport. What's the problem??? The more people who shark fish, the more common it becomes. Once all these counties realize that they can''t stop us and once anglers start becoming more responsible, then we will see a decline in the negative publicity.
I have received quite a bit of negativity from a handful of people in the shark community who said they do not support any of our tournaments because our tournaments are the reason for the problems. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! The reason for the problems is not the tournaments, it is the carelessness and disregard for the sport by certain shark fishermen. And let me say that I have seen that carelessness come from some of the people who are out there blaming the tournament!
While I have nothing against Josh and his tournament, I will say that the BTC seems to come up quite often in these county meetings. Not once has anyone ever mentioned the Big Hammer Challenge being a problem. hmmmm. I wonder why? Partly because the BHC doesn't have people crammed on one coast for 3 days.
People just need to get off their high horse already and stop with the complaining. Anyone can sit behind a computer screen and point the finger. But if anglers want to see a change, they have to make that change happen. The only way to do that is to get up and start getting involved; and that starts with fighting for your right to fish!!

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